HIV Testing

Routine, opt-out HIV testing is recommended by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S Preventive Services Task Force. 

Key Points About HIV Testing in Colorado
  • Test everyone aged 15-65 at least once
  • Test annually for those at risk
  • A general informed consent for medical care covers HIV screening
  • Prevention counseling is not required 
  • Confirm that your patient is linked into care
Testing Resources 
Clinical Guideline for HIV Screening in Colorado
Colorado Testing Algorithm 
Coverage Guide for HIV Testing
Billing Coding Guide for HIV Prevention
HIV Risk Assessment Pocket Guide
Denver HIV Risk Score 
Considerations in Implementing an HIV Testing Program
Rapid HIV Antibody Test Post-Test Counseling Guide
Giving Rapid HIV Test Results

Contact Lisa Lawrence for:
  • Additional information on conducting HIV screening in Colorado
  • To request training or technical assistance on HIV testing, including the new 4th generation HIV testing algorithm 
  • Assistance in initiating an HIV testing program at your site